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Jump Rope Fundraiser Starts Today

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Jump Rope Fundraiser Starts Today
by MaryLynn Heron - Monday, 5 February 2018, 3:40 PM

School Fundraiser

In support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation

February 5 - February 16

Jump Rope for the Heart/Buddy Run

Wednesday, February 14 @ 10:30

Throughout the month of February (heart month), we encourage all families to take the opportunity to visit the Heart and Stroke Foundation's website. We hope that you will continue the important conversations with your child about heart health and an active lifestyle. Here at school, we will also continue to reinforce the importance of good nutrition and an active lifestyle through the myriad of activities that we do both school-wide and in classes.

Your child is bringing home this week a Jump Rope For the Heart fundraising envelope as well as a paper heart (your son or daughter can pick one up from the front office). On the heart, your child can draw a picture doing an activity that he or she loves that is good for heart health or simply write a sentence about heart healthy activities at school or extracurricular. Student hearts will be posted in the school display case as a celebration of our amazing efforts to stay active! Students are asked to simply return their heart to the white basket on the table outside the front office.

Please know that there is no expectation that a child participate in this fundraiser. For families who wish to participate in the fundraising, we encourage you to do so online, as it is fast and easy! You can start your fundraising today! The last day to return envelopes is Friday, February 16.

Please join us on Wednesday, February 14 at 10:30 for the Jump Rope/Buddy Run combined event. Your child can let those who provide them with a pledge know that he or she will be skipping and running on the 14th, along with their peers, to support the Heart and Stroke Foundation!

FYI - Again this year, we have opted out of receiving prizes for our fundraising efforts. The school's goal is to foster a sense of community and intrinsic motivation to support a good cause. We thank you for supporting your child in their understanding of our goal.