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Spring Message

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Spring Message
by MaryLynn Heron - Friday, 16 March 2018, 2:22 PM

Dear Keating Families,

Student safety is paramount, and we are proud to say that Saanich Schools are some of the safest in the province. Our incredibly safe schools are due to a comprehensive safety plan that involves local police, school administration who are trained in Threat/Risk Assessment and staff who are also trained through a variety of on site drills for Fire, Earthquake and Lockdown/Hold and Secure by school administration.

After spring break, Keating will practice our Lockdown Drill with the support of our Police Liaison Officer, Constable Michelle Joyce. Constable Joyce was responsible for leading the recent Bayside Lockdown and will undoubtedly be an amazing resource for our school team. Please watch for notices regarding our drill on Monday, April 23rd. The notices will include how to talk with your child about the drill, using age-appropriate language, and examples and information on how we carry out the drill. Please do not hesitate to contact me or your child's teacher, if you have any questions or concerns.

Drills are just part of the important learning we do here at Keating. As I read through the second term reports of Keating students (reports went home this week), I notice many comments about increased participation in classroom discussions, much progress in the area of social responsibility and a bloom of comments around student participation in school activities, such as Red Cedar, Basketball, Choir, Soccer, Swim Club, Lunch Monitors, Morning Walkers and more. Such incredible growth for our students! I know that you will take time, over spring break, to celebrate the successes and set goals for improvement for third term.

As part of your child's goal setting, I encourage you to check out our school website and spend some time reviewing with your child Keating's Social Contract (located under HOME ). Staff continues to work on both classroom and school-wide activities to support each child's understanding of our contract and to highlight its importance. Respect Yourself, Respect Others and Respect this Place/Community! Often we use the following language, Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Others, and Take Care of this Place/Community, in order to simplify the language, as students develop their understanding of the word respect.

As we move forward into third term, I encourage parents to keep in mind some ways that they can support our social contract:

  • Sign out and read books with your child from your local library about friendship, social responsibility and community involvement

  • Encourage your child, with siblings and friends, to use their WITS (Walk away, Ignore, Talk it out or Seek Help)

  • Provide your child with opportunities to take on chores around the house. A sense of pride at home for tidiness and care will certainly spill over to their school community. We have had complaints from neighbours about garbage blowing onto their property, and we will set a goal after spring break to be more vigilant about cleaning up our shared spaces.

  • Invite your child to share some ways to be helpful in their school community and at home. Try a fun game of coming up with some ideas for Randoms Acts of Kindness!

Enjoy spring break everyone! We look forward to seeing you all back refreshed and ready to take on the many learning challenges of our final term.


Mme Heron


École Keating Elementary School