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How many more sleeps??

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How many more sleeps??
by Shelley Hardcastle - Monday, 27 August 2018, 3:10 PM

Seven is the correct answer!  I am so looking forward to meeting the Keating families over the next while.  I will introduce myself in more detail later but thought that families would appreciate an update on what has been happening over the summer and a few reminders about the plan for next Tuesday.  

Renovation Heaven!  Things are in full swing (hammers and all!), and you will quickly see that progress has been made already.  There are many visible changes ( plywood wall blocking off worksite, blocked areas on the playground etc.) and we will be working closely with staff and students to ensure everyone's safety and create some alternate pathways of movement through the school.  Although this is an inconvenience, we know that we will be able to work through this challenge together and we ask for everyone's patience as we do this.  Just visualize the end result!

Speaking of patience..... we have been informed that for the next several months (until Winter Break?) the lower parking lot is available to both the work crew and families so feel free to use that space for pick up and drop off which will help the congestion in front of the school.

A reminder to families that no one is to enter the worksite at any time.  This will ensure everyone's safety and will allow the work crews to stay focussed on their job.  If you have any questions or concerns in relation to the construction please direct them to either Philip Jungen or myself. We will try to provide updates as the project progresses. 

Plan for Tuesday! 8:40-10:30 am 

Returning Students go to their previous classroom.  Teachers will meet and greet students and for some classes, they may be dismissed from a different location due to that teacher moving locations.  Teachers will do their best to let you know where this new spot will be but it may be wise to pre-arrange a meeting spot with your child.

New Students to Keating will meet at the Front Entrance of the school under the cherry tree.  Staff will meet you there at 8:40 and welcome you into the school.  We can't wait to meet you.

Kindergarten Students - you will meet in the covered area at your scheduled A,B,C, drop off time and Kindergarten Teachers will come and meet you there.  We are so excited to have you at Keating.

See you in 7 sleeps!!