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Blustery Day!!

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Blustery Day!!
by Shelley Hardcastle - Thursday, 20 December 2018, 2:29 PM

At this time our power is on and we are safe and warm and carrying on in our classes.  There is a real possibility that the power could go out and possibly be out until tomorrow.   In the event that the school is out of power for an extended amount of time, the District  will re-evaluate the situation and make decisions in regard to possible school closures.   This will be decided in the morning.

In the interim, District Office will be using our new Sangha system to push out a message to all parents this afternoon asking them to contact our website for school closure information – especially if power is down all night.  If our website is also down they should be checking with the local news media for information.  See below and/or attached for Emergency Closing Information.

 B;ustery Day


Emergency School Closing Procedures

The emergency closing of a school is a rare occurrence; nevertheless, circumstances such as a heavy snowfall or an extended power failure can demand that such a decision be made. This letter is to remind parents / guardians of the procedures, outlined below, should such an emergency closure become necessary.

  1. The school district will provide information to the media when schools are being closed. There will not be media releases when schools are open and operating.

  1. The following radio stations will be provided with closure details for immediate broadcast: CFAX (1070 AM), CIOC (The Ocean - 98.5 FM), CKKQ (The Q - 100.3 FM), JACK (103.1 FM), CBC Radio (90.5 FM) and KOOL (107.3 FM).

  1. If a school closure decision is made when a school is in session, students will be permitted to leave school only after contact has been made with a parent/guardian or a person pre-authorized by a parent/guardian. If contact is not possible, school administrators will make appropriate arrangements.

As necessary, special arrangements will be made for students with special needs.

An early bus run will be organized if road conditions permit.

If a school closure decision becomes necessary, your understanding, tolerance and cooperation will be most appreciated.