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Do you know about the Victoria Hand Project?

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Do you know about the Victoria Hand Project?
by Shelley Hardcastle - Friday, 15 March 2019, 2:44 PM

Thanks Ms. Windle for  inviting Kelly and Ashlynn to share the amazing work they and others are doing - talk about "taking care of others"!  

Kelly and Ashlynn (year 4 BioMedical Engineering students) came to tell us all about The Victoria Hand Project. Our Red Cedar Book club students read "New Hands, New Life: Robots, Prostheses and Innovation" by Alex Mihaildis and were thirsty to learn more about prostheses so we invited The Victoria Hand Project to come and tell us about their amazing work. Kelly and Ashlynn showed us a video that demonstrates how the hands are made and then let all the students try out the different versions.Hand Project