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End of Week Update - 4 December 2020

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End of Week Update - 4 December 2020
by Steve MacGregor - Friday, 4 December 2020, 4:48 PM
It is hard to believe that the calendar now reads "December."  While it continues to be a challenging and stressful year in many ways, we are grateful for the routine that school has provided through the fall.  It is clear that the kids are enjoying their days, and that staff are very happy to be working with children.

If you are feeling that you might need a bit of a hand from the school that may not be needed in a regular year, please reach out discreetly to office staff or your child's classroom teacher.  We may not be able to do much, but if there is a need, we will explore if there is even a little bit of a lift that we could provide.

Finally, report cards will be coming home with your child next week.  They will have a bit of a different look than you are used to seeing in Saanich, but all of the information about your child's learning is included as always.  More information in the attached document.

Have a kind, safe, and restful weekend!