KHASA Newsletter; June 2014

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KHASA Newsletter; June 2014
by Margaret Matthews - Wednesday, 4 June 2014, 4:27 PM


JUNE 2014


THANK YOU!  It is hard to believe this is our last newsletter of the school year and we want to start it off with a huge “THANK YOU – MERCI!!!” to all our volunteers – everything from hot lunch, call-back, crossing guard, fruit & veggie, School Planning Council, and … the list goes on and on! We cover a lot of ground and couldn’t do it without many helping hands.


An extra special thank you goes out to our amazing Spring Fair Committee, volunteers, donors and attendees --- in one night full of fun & festivities, we raised $19,555.20 towards playground improvements for our children at Keating!


FUNDRAISING: All of the KHASA fundraising efforts go toward enriching the experience of Keating kids. Specifically, this year the money went towards field trips, library materials, artist-in-residence (Hip Hop Dance), emergency preparedness, classroom supplies, playground equipment and repairs, and much more.


VOLUNTEERING:  Parents are encouraged to contribute volunteer time and, if unable to do so, please consider making a financial donation. Cheques can be made out to KHASA and dropped off at the office any time. 


There are many ways to volunteer for the KHASA programs next year: some are regular commitments and some are as-and-when needed. Due to ‘retiring’ families (with kids moving on to Bayside), KHASA definitely needs new volunteers for Crossing Guard, Safe Arrivals, Hot Lunch, Class Reps, COPACS Representative, Keating Clothing and the KHASA Newsletter. And, KHASA desperately needs a Secretary for next year; someone who is available one night every month to draft and disseminate meeting minutes.


For more information about volunteering, please contact KHASA at or talk to the school administration. The more parents who volunteer the easier it is on everyone!




Chris Wakefield

Vice President

Tricia Oates


Karen Burton


Tanya Adam



Past President

Leanne Flood


We wish everyone a happy, safe summer, and all the best to the families moving on to Bayside next year.