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    French immersion continues to be a program of choice offered in 44 of BC’s 59 school districts. Many parents choose French Immersion because of its individual and society-wide economic, cognitive and cultural benefits. The curriculum is identical to that of the regular English program. The name can be a little misleading though, as the immersion experience is only in the first few years. Bilingualism is achieved by providing instruction entirely in French during the first years from Kindergarten to December of Grade 3. Once a firm base in French has been established, instruction in English language arts is added starting in January of your child's Grade 3 year. Instruction in the English language gradually increases, as your child moves from elementary to Bayside Middle School and then on to Stelly's Secondary School. Students continue to receive instruction in certain subjects in French so that by the end of Grade 12 proficiency is achieved in both languages.

    To learn more about French Immersion, please take the time to check out the attached resources or visit the Canadian Parents for French BC/Yukon website


    Mme Mary Lynn Heron

    Principal, Keating Elementary

    Coordinator, French Programmes