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    Keating is a dual track school - English and French Immersion Program. We believe in program excellence and personalized learning, in order to successfully prepare students for the complexity of a rapidly changing world. Teachers at Keating use current technologies, inquiry-based learning, interdisciplinary lessons and units and build into their yearly and daily plans flexibility and choice, in order to engage students in learning that is meaningful and relevant.

    Research tells us that the best predictor of continued academic success is a child's ability to self-regulate and identify their emotions in the early years and beyond. Students in both the English and French Immersion program develop a strong foundation of social-responsibility skills through programs such as Friends, Second Step, W.I.T.S, mindfulness, etc. We place great importance on helping students learn the necessary skills to manage their behaviours and emotions. Students are given increased responsibility from K through to Grade 5 with many of our Grade 5 students taking on important leadership roles where they can flex their social responsibility muscles!