Weekly Dictation

Dictation # 7- Test date: THURSDAY, June 30

to, two, too

1) I am leaving on a voyage to Alaska.

2) I want ice cream, too!

3) "Please may I have two cookies?" she requested.

4) I would like to speak to my friend about my trip.

5) Mice are too cute.

Fun bonus word: embarking (to embark)

To is a preposition, indicating place, movement or location.

Too is an adverb, meaning "excessively" or "also".

Two is the word for the number 2.

Dictation # 8- Test date: June 7

whose, who's

1) Whose homework was not completed?

2) Who's going to the birthday party?

3) Whose eraser is on the floor?

4) From whose point of view is this story?

5) Who's not in school today?

Fun bonus word: celebration

Whose is the possessive form of the pronoun who.

Who's is a contraction of the words who is or who has.

Dictation # 9- Test date:  June 14

then, than

1) Do your classwork, then you can have free time.

2) I prefer to speak French rather than English.

3) We had science then P.E.

4) I know she is taller than me.

5) Call me at 7pm as I should be home by then.

Fun bonus word: (more) statuesque

Then is mainly an adverb, used to situate actions in time.

Than is a conjunction, used mainly in making comparisons.

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