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Play by the RULES - please respect the accessible parking spaces!

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Play by the RULES - please respect the accessible parking spaces!
by Shelley Hardcastle - Monday, 4 February 2019, 5:09 PM

A reminder to respect the accessible parking spots at Keating School

Play by the rules - LEAVE SPACE FOR ME
For people with disabilities who require a designated parking space there are not many alternatives when
they arrive at a parking lot and find the designated spaces full: they can wait or go home. These are not
real choices—let’s work together to ensure that accessible parking is available for those who need it.
Play by the Rules
1. Only the designated permit holder is entitled to use their disability parking permit.
2. The permit may be used in any vehicle provided the permit holder is present.
3. The permit holder is responsible for ensuring that the permit is valid and has not expired.
4. The permit holder must carry a wallet card that includes their name and permit number.
5. Disability parking spaces should not be used if the permit holder is staying in the vehicle.
6. Having a parking permit does not exempt the user from obeying parking laws or paying fees.
7. The permit should be displayed so that the expiry date is visible.
It is a violation of the rules of use of the Parking Permit Program for People with Disabilities and the
Motor Vehicle Act if:
1. The permit holder transfers their permit to another person whether or not that person is disabled.
2. The permit holder continues to use their permit past the expiry date.
3. Someone is using a disability parking space without having a valid permit.
4. Someone is using a disability parking space and they do not have a disability

Please see attached flyer for more information

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