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A Great Start and a Couple Reminders

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A Great Start and a Couple Reminders
by Steve MacGregor - Wednesday, 13 January 2021, 4:16 PM

It has been a great first week-and-a-half back and the tone in the building and on the grounds has been very nice.  A super start to what we often see as our most productive term of the year as teachers know their students so well, and kids know their teachers' expectations and classroom routines.

A couple of reminders for our greater school community:

  • Playgrounds, etc... remain closed before (8:25-8:40) and after (2:48-3:05) school.  As a community we were doing a good job of this early in the year, but adherence to this expectation seems to be slipping.  Children should be arriving to the grounds and going straight to their lineups before school.  A reminder that many classes have a "soft start" expectation due to COVID this year and are not considering children to be officially late until 9:00 to help avoid congestion.
  • Similarly, we ask that families and children are on their way home promptly at the end of the day rather than mingling across cohorts that we have all worked hard to maintain every day over the first 4+ months of the year.

When thinking of these things, please remember that your children manage on their own and navigate the grounds and building successfully all day, and can do so at pickup and drop off too.  Please consider picking up and dropping off your children from the edge of the school grounds. smile

We do not have the necessary personnel to enforce these expectations, but call on everyone in our community to do their part as we have done so well to make it this far this year and know that now is not the time to ease up.