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Summer Message, Odds and Ends, and "Keating Film Festival"

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Summer Message, Odds and Ends, and "Keating Film Festival"
by Steve MacGregor - Tuesday, 29 June 2021, 1:06 PM

Keating Community,

I am truly thankful for our community of learners, staff, and families.  This has been a challenging 16 months or so, but it could have been much more so were it not for the patience, understanding, perseverance, and caring everyone showed.  I could go on and on, but will simply say thank you. I hope you all have an extraordinarily well-deserved (and safe) summer, travelling, reconnecting with friends and family, and enjoying this great part of the world.  I look forward to what is shaping up to be a more "normal" year with this learning community in September.

A couple of odds and ends:

  • Please make sure to watch for information from your child(ren)'s teacher about how and when to pick up their report card and supplies from the year if they were not in attendance today.
  • A reminder that in September we will be collecting $40/child for school supplies for the 2021-2022 school year.  Families will need to supply lunchkits, backpacks, water bottles, and indoor and outdoor shoes, and possibly another item or two that may be communicated in the fall, but all consumable supplies will be purchased by teachers from the $40 fee.

Finally, we have a few videos to share.  A bit of a Keating Film Festival if you will.  Normally, we'd share a slideshow and song celebrating our grade 5s at a year-end assembly.  Obviously, that wasn't really possible this year, so we've shared those in links above.  Thank you to Jennifer Allen and the team that worked on the grade 5 slideshow, and thanks to Ms. Peacock who managed to put together the grade 5 song while respecting cohorts, and teaching groups separately.  Ms. Peacock advises to change the setting to HD when viewing the song.  It makes a big difference.

Additionally, here is the link to last week's year-end assembly which was held virtually.  During this assembly we said thank-yous and goodbyes to a number of staff who are moving on to new adventures in the fall.

And for a couple of silly moments at year's end, below are some links to videos of some staff members who came to some very creative guesses when asked to name Pokemon characters shown to them.

Keating Staff Guess Pokemon Names - Episode 1
Keating Staff Guess Pokemon Names - Episode 2
Keating Staff Guess Pokemon Names - Episode 3

We hope the kids (and grown-ups) enjoy these videos.

Have a great summer, and see we'll see one another in September.

In appreciation,