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This Week's Message - October 22nd

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This Week's Message - October 22nd
by Steve MacGregor - Friday, 22 October 2021, 4:01 PM

Hello all,

It is something else to glance at the calendar and realize that the coming week will be the last of October.  We aren't quite as far ahead of ourselves as those who stock Costco with camping chairs in December, but we are looking ahead and planning for Remembrance Day here.

As with last year, we are inviting families to send physical images of any family members who serve(d) in the armed forces.  These images will be collected and added to a display by Ms. Tutte.  Once complete this project will be mounted in the library windows and visible from outside the school near the gagaball pits.  Please send in a hard copy of a photo if you wish to contribute to the display.  Photos will not be returned.

We are exploring whether we are able to stream or otherwise share our Remembrance Day assembly while keeping in compliance with privacy laws.  If we are able to share the assembly digitally in one way or another, we will let you know in this space how to access it.

Before that is Hallowe'en.  Please watch for communication from your child's classroom teacher for any themed plans for the end of the coming week.  With regard to general expectations, weapon accessories are to be left at home and any costumes worn are not to be gory or frightening keeping in mind that we are a school with students from 5-10 years old.  There is certainly no pressure to wear a costume on the Friday prior to Hallowe'en, but those who do should not wear anything that might easily become damaged or dirty by wearing it to school in advance of trick-or-treating on Sunday.

Here are a couple of linked resources that may be helpful for families in advance of Halloween:

BCCDC Site for COVID-19 Halloween Safety Tips
Government of Canada Tips for Safe Trick-or-Treating

Finally, while we value the importance of arriving to school on time, we recognize that some bedtimes might be a bit later than usual on Sunday, and if a child will be more successful at school by sleeping in a shade and arriving a bit late, that would be understandable and likely for the best as we know that a proper night's sleep is crucial for a positive day at school.

We hope that all have a great and safe weekend!