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Bottle Drive Thank-You

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Bottle Drive Thank-You
by Steve MacGregor - Wednesday, 2 February 2022, 10:22 AM

Please see the message from PAC organizers below and the attached PDF for details and images from a very successful bottle drive this past weekend.  An enormous 'thanks' to all who donated, and especially those who volunteered their time to organize the event and collect returnables (in the rain again) on their Sunday.

A HUGE thank you to every family that participated in Sunday's Bottle Drive. We surpassed our previous record and collected over 31 bins of refundable containers (approx $3300 raised!)  

So many kids did a wonderful job of collecting refundable containers and bringing them in.  


Congrats to:
Mateo Markovic Grade 4
Mme. Mason's class
Good job Mateo! You have won PIZZA for your entire class!