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End of Week Message - 11 March 2022

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End of Week Message - 11 March 2022
by Steve MacGregor - Friday, 11 March 2022, 4:07 PM

Somehow we are 1 week away from Spring Break when it seems we were just recently dealing with snow and full-on winter.

A couple of things to look forward to next week: Term 2 reports will be going home.  You will likely receive communication from your child's classroom teacher as to which day you might expect report cards to be making their way home to you.


Next week will also be the last for mandatory mask-wearing in our schools for the foreseeable future, as most will have heard in this week's provincial announcement.  While this is welcome news, we know that some will feel more comfortable to continue wearing masks after the break, and all in our community will treat one another with respect, as we have done all through the pandemic.  This is something that we should all be proud of here.  We don't have to look far to find examples of poor behaviour on this subject, but we've been very respectful here of varying viewpoints and comfort levels, and I know that will continue once mask requirements are lifted when we return to school on April 4th.

I hope that all enjoy a nice weekend, prior to our last week of instruction before the break.