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Spring Break Message

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Spring Break Message
by Steve MacGregor - Friday, 18 March 2022, 2:41 PM

Just a short note at the start of Spring Break.  We know that like many other things in our world, a two-week break does not mean the same thing to all.  For many it is an opportunity to travel or engage in some down time, while for others who do not have time off, and/or need to find child care it can be a strain.  What we do hope is that the school break provides everyone an opportunity to reconnect with one another, and come back recharged in April.

There will be more from the school after the break about updated (and reduced) restrictions related to COVID and what this will look like at Keating, but will remind all now that mask wearing in BC schools will be optional for staff and students upon our return on April 4th, and that we will all be respectful of differing choices among our community members.

Whether the next weeks take you to a sunny locale for the first time in years, somewhere closer to home, or just provide a chance for a break in the routine, I hope the time is well enjoyed and look forward to seeing everyone in April.