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End of Week Message - 8 April

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End of Week Message - 8 April
by Steve MacGregor - Friday, 8 April 2022, 5:09 PM

It was a nice week for a number of reasons.

It was good to see those who chose to remove their masks able to do so (and to be able to see their smiles), and those who chose to still wear their masks able to do so, and nobody making a big fuss about who was doing one or the other.

We had over 200 students from grades 2-5 sign up for cross-country this week.  This is the athletic activity on our elementary schedule that likely requires the most determination, and growth-mindset, so kudos to all the kids (and coaches) who have signed up for a healthy challenge.  Those who have returned their permission forms will start practicing on Tuesday.  A point to note: some believe that they need to go to the district meets (for grades 3-5) if they sign up, but the meets are considered optional.  If your child is nervous about the meets, but would like to join the club for practices only, that is totally fine.

Our field isn't as pretty as it was before the break, but the added drainage already has it drier in the middle section than it has likely been since September.  There is some TLC on the horizon for the section that received the work and the field should be available for us to use again later in the spring.

I hope that all enjoy a safe and happy weekend!