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End of Week Message - 22 April 2022

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End of Week Message - 22 April 2022
by Steve MacGregor - Friday, 22 April 2022, 5:29 PM

It has been a couple of weeks that have started to feel like those that were commonplace a couple years ago... but I think these were more appreciated after our past years.

Cross-country practices have been an amazing show of community.  We have over 200 runners signed up in grades 2-5.  This is an amazing number considering how challenging this sport can be.  The kids have embraced the notion that runners are tough and that they can accomplish hard things (including running in a deluge, while grinning).  The number of staff and parents/guardians showing up smiling to help with each practice and meet has been awesome.  Thank you.

Our first district cross-country meet in 3 years was this past Wednesday at Centennial Park.  Again, even though the weather wasn’t perfect, spirits were great, and there were smiles, red cheeks, and proud families everywhere you looked.  Please see some images and videos from the week on our Twitter feed.

We’ve also had other events recently that just haven’t been possible since the start of the pandemic.  We have recently had classes participate in Zumba, cultural dance, and Cirque de Soleil style activities.

On the note of gathering, we would like to invite parents/guardians who have been doing such a respectful job of remaining at the perimeter of the grounds at the end of the day, to feel free to approach the outside of the building if you choose at pickup time.  We are a closed campus during instruction for several reasons, so ask that the grounds are clear until about 2:45, but please come greet your children closer to their dismissal points and say hi to their teachers at the end of the day if you like.

A couple of notes for the start of next week:
Monday, April 25th is a non-instructional day, and students are not in attendance.
Tuesday, April 26th is class photo day (again, the first one in 3 years!)

Have a great weekend!