Weekly Communication


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by Margaret Matthews - Monday, 1 February 2016, 1:20 PM
Effective immediately, all students are asked to take home all recyclables from their lunch kits. The school will continue with the composting program already in place; however, students will be supported in placing all wrappers, containers, etc. back in their lunch kits to return home and be recycled at home. The challenges of supporting a school recycling program have begun to far outweigh the educational benefits. Our school recycling program presents the following challenges:
  • considerable impact of the program on valuable instructional time
  • difficulty managing the cleaning and maintenance of recycling bins
  • a lack of storage of the recyclables on the school premises
We kindly thank you for your support. Please take some time, over this week of transition, to speak to your child about bringing his or her recyclables home. We also encourage you to discuss the importance of NOT throwing recyclables in the school garbage cans for convenience, as we are concerned that some students may feel that this is an option, when recycling bins are no longer available.
Mary Lynn Heron
École Keating Elementary
250 652 9261