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Good Things to Talk About

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Good Things to Talk About
by Steve MacGregor - Friday, 7 February 2020, 5:12 PM

Happy Friday!  A few good things to share or talk about with your kids:

  • Carnaval week.  Thanks to Mme. V for organizing and to Bonhomme Carnaval for coming by for a visit today.
  • Grade 4-5 basketball.  Thanks, Ms. Lee, Ms. Vye, M. Trerice, and M. Hudon for volunteering so much time to run a great lunchtime basketball program!
  • Gagaball pits.  They are in and we'll be opening them for use this coming week.  Thanks to the grounds staff who worked through awful weather to put them together for us.
  • Playground project.  The district has secured funding from the Ministry of Education that, in combination with PAC funds, should allow us to build a new playground this calendar year.  Thanks to all who have been involved in planning, research, and grant writing.