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Keating Update-April 2nd

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Keating Update-April 2nd
by Steve MacGregor - Thursday, 2 April 2020, 5:00 PM

Keating Community,

An update as staff have been working very hard and things are starting to take shape.  Your child(ren)'s teacher(s) may have been in touch with you by now but if not will be reaching out shortly.  As always, if you feel you’ve missed some communication, please feel free to be in touch with teaching staff.

Learning opportunities will begin over the coming weeks.  As mentioned previously, the Ministry of Education has stated that learning activities begin by mid-April but in some cases as early as next week.  You will see core activities in literacy and numeracy (5 hours per week combined) as well as other optional educational opportunities offered.

We respect that everyone's current situation looks very different, that the demands of work from one home to another, the number of children needing support, or access to tools for learning that may need to be shared could cause a great deal of stress at an already stressful time for many.  For these reasons our staff are working to ensure that they provide the 5 hours per week as mandated by the Ministry, but also direct you to optional learning opportunities for those who desire more, and have the means to engage in extra.

As mentioned by Superintendent Eberwein, this is not meant to be a continuation of traditional programs or even distance learning, but is "remote emergency learning" and is brand new to everyone.

If you have a pressing need for tools to access learning for your child please be in touch with classroom teachers.  We may be able to arrange for important items to be picked up in a safe way while respecting orders from the Provincial Health Officer and school procedures for safety and cleaning.

It is certain that staff are missing their students, and are coming to some cool and creative ways of supporting their learning and reconnecting.  I look forward to seeing programs up and running soon.

Together with the amazing team and community that we are fortunate to have, we will get through this successfully.