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Orientation Day Reminders

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Orientation Day Reminders
by Steve MacGregor - Wednesday, 9 September 2020, 5:41 PM

Families who have communicated to the school that their children will be returning to in-person learning will know that orientation sessions are scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday.  Tables will be set up on the “front lawn” outside of the main entrance.  Students will go to the table with the sign that shows their last initial and check-in.  From there a staff member will direct them to the meeting place for their learning cohort.  Pickup locations will be communicated to parents at the sign-in tables.  Parents may accompany their children to the sign-in tables if they choose, but not beyond for health and safety, and physical distancing purposes.

Please note that a health check is to be completed by parents with their child(ren) before coming to school each day.  This health check is attached and also needs to be completed prior to children attending their orientation.

A reminder that children whose families have chosen remote learning, or any option other than full-time in-person learning are not able to be accommodated at the orientations due to the need to maintain cohort groups.

Please see below for an excerpt from last week's communication about the schedule for this week's orientations, and a bit of information about next week.  More information to follow at the end of this week.

We are looking forward to seeing our kiddos this week.

Each student will attend one 90 minute orientation in the first week on the following schedule:

Grade 1: Thursday, September 10--8:40-10:10 am

Grade 2 and 3: Thursday, September 10--12:30-2:00 pm

Grade 4 and 5: Friday, September 11--8:40-10:10 am

  • The purpose of the orientation day is to provide information about class placement and to review health and safety routines with students.

  • We ask that parents/guardians please drop off their children no more than 15 minutes early and respect physical distancing.

  • Playgrounds will be closed before and after the orientation sessions on these two days in order to support Health and Safety routines. 

  • Please direct your child to the marked tables (by last name) to find their cohort grouping. Staff will greet your children on the front "lawn" near the covered area, provide them with a colour-coded wristband for their cohort, and escort students to their assigned cohort area. 

  • Students do not need to bring supplies, backpacks or snacks during their orientation time. 

  • Students will be dismissed from designated areas based on their cohort.  These areas will be communicated at sign in.  Again, to facilitate this process and in the interest of health and safety, we ask that parents respect physical distancing from one another and away from exit points and dismissal areas to avoid congestion.  Please consider parking away from the grounds and walking a short distance to the school.

  • If you would like to meet with school staff, please make an appointment through the school office. Full school days and bus service will begin on Monday, September 14.  If needed, please ensure that you have registered for the bus through the Saanich Schools website. 

Structure of the School Day

  • Starting Monday September 14, there will be no changes to the beginning and end of the school day from previous years. The school schedule will be available on the district and/or school website. 

  • Students will remain with their assigned class for instructional time. 

  • Classes will be connected to create a learning cohort of under 60 students and staff. 

  • Recess and lunch breaks will be staggered to allow for greater distancing between cohorts. Play areas will be divided so that cohorts have separate spaces to enjoy their breaks.  

  • If students are taught by a staff member outside of their cohort, PPE and/or physical distancing will be used.