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Last Message of 2020

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Last Message of 2020
by Steve MacGregor - Friday, 18 December 2020, 3:17 PM

Keating Community,

A small expression of thanks for the past 4 months.  It has not been the first term that we would have envisioned or asked for a year ago, but the feeling of community has persisted thanks to some creativity, generosity, and sheer will.  Whether through virtual assemblies or meetings, physically distanced fund-raisers, or even patiently waiting in line at the start of the year for orientation, we’ve managed to maintain a sense of community.

There is no better example of community than the generosity we’ve seen from you over the past couple of weeks.  When we were approached by Constable Parsons this year about the annual Cram the Cruiser toy drive, we weren’t sure that this was the year to be asking people for donations.  We knew that it had been a hard year for so many and were uncertain if the request for donations would be an added burden for families, but finally decided that if we even got one donation it would be worthwhile for a family in need.

Your response was overwhelming.  Donations came in droves, as did offers of further support if we knew of any Keating families in need.  The generosity was awesome to witness.

Although it has been a bit different at Keating this fall, and from time to time we all grow weary of the additional safety measures that we have to adhere to, it has been worth it to have kids back in the school learning and connecting with friends, and staff.  Thank you for a great, if sometimes challenging first term.

We wish everyone a safe and happy break over the coming weeks, and look forward to reconnecting on January 4th, 2021.