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Principal's Message - 16 April 2021

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Principal's Message - 16 April 2021
by Steve MacGregor - Friday, 16 April 2021, 4:36 PM

At the end of a sunny week, I wanted to share a few notes with the Keating Community.

Firstly, the kids continue to do very well with respecting their play zones, and cohorts, while the older children have been great with their mask-wearing.  Kudos to all.

One area where a reminder is likely due is with regard to before and after school time.  As has been mentioned a couple of times this year, not only are playgrounds closed before school and until after 3:05 each weekday, but children should be going directly to their lineups in the morning when they arrive to the school grounds.  Similarly, we ask that children and families are on their way promptly at the end of the day.

Again, there is so much that goes into safety and maintaining cohorts all day, it is important not to undo all that hard work in the half hour before and after school.  It does not align with our usual philosophy to say that play areas or the field should be off limits for the kids to play and socialize before and after school (especially when the weather is so nice), but I know we all understand why this is important at this time.  As mentioned previously, we ask that all exercise their community responsibility to help with these expectations.  Thank you.  We see the effort and appreciate the support.

A reminder that attendance is not submitted until 9:00 AM most days, and an arrival a bit after the bell is acceptable this year if it helps avoid the congestion of drop-off time.  As the weather gets nicer, it may help to park a bit away from the school and walk the last couple minutes.

A last, important note before the sunny weekend:  It was announced yesterday, that the wonderful Mr. Jungen has been assigned to the position of vice-principal at KELSET Elementary School for the coming school year.  I cannot possibly list in this space all of the ways in which we will miss Mr. Jungen, but I know we will all feel fortunate to get to enjoy his expertise, caring, and passion for education over the coming months.

We are very excited to announce that Ms. Joan O'Leary will be returning to Keating as vice-principal for the coming year.  Ms. O'Leary brings a wealth of experience in our district and is keen to come back to Keating where she taught for many years.  We are lucky to have her joining us beginning in September.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend in the sun!