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Schoolgrounds Reminders

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Schoolgrounds Reminders
by Steve MacGregor - Tuesday, 18 May 2021, 3:20 PM

Hello, Keating Community,

A friendly reminder that our grounds are a "closed campus" between 8:25 and 3:05.  I am appreciative that we are understanding of the rationale, being that we do occasionally have community members who may have no connection to the school who wander through the grounds during instructional time.  Generally, these are people from the neighbourhood out for a walk or taking a shortcut through the grounds.  Most are very understanding when we explain that we are a closed campus.

Obviously, the more people on the grounds, the harder it is to know who's who, and while we live in a safe community, we do not want to invite confusion or have our kids become accustomed to unfamiliar adults where they should not be.  As such we are asking that all remain at the perimeter of the grounds especially at the end of the day.  If parents/guardians wish to come onto the grounds to a pickup point to meet their child at the end of the day, we ask that you wait at the edge of the grounds until at least 2:45 (only 3 minutes before the bell) and then make your way to your meeting point.  Even better would be to establish a spot to meet at the edge of the grounds.

The procedure for picking-up or dropping-off your child during the instructional day remains unchanged.  Please come to the front door of the school and phone us from there and we will help welcome your child and sign them in if you are dropping-off, or we'll sign them out and get them to you if picking-up mid-day.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we continue to work together to create as safe an environment as possible for our kids.