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Keating PAC Staff Appreciation video

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Keating PAC Staff Appreciation video
by Theresa Hait - Tuesday, 25 May 2021, 1:38 PM

For Teacher & Staff Appreciation Day this year, the PAC parent volunteers are planning to make a school-wide montage of short videos of the students expressing thanks to their teachers and staff for seeing us through a Covid school year. If you would like to upload a short video for the compilation (max 10 seconds), please submit your videos online at vidhug:
Directions for images are at the above link as well.
The video will be sent to teachers and staff only, and we will ask that it be kept private and not intentionally sent to others or shared on social media.

Video's must be uploaded by June 14th to be included in the montage. Thank you!

Kristen Collishaw & Alicia Allen

Keating PAC volunteers