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This Week's Message - 5 November 2021

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This Week's Message - 5 November 2021
by Steve MacGregor - Friday, 5 November 2021, 1:34 PM

We had a bit of a sleepy, sluggish start to our week following Halloween Sunday, but we finished strong.

The highlight of the week was certainly having Sarah Jim in for the official unveiling of a new sign for the front of the school.  Featured on this sign are the new cougar and paw print logos that Ms. Jim designed for the Keating community.  Ms. Jim is a Saanich School District alumnus and WSANEC artist who did a masterful job creating logos that honour the school's tradition as the Keating Cougars, while incorporating elements of WSANEC art to represent our pride in our region, and local First Nations.  Ms. Jim came not only to help with the unveiling and so that we could share our thanks with her, but also answered questions from students and staff about the process of the logo design, and about being a professional artist.  Thank you, merci, and HÍSW̱KE, Ms. Jim!

These logos are visible around the school, on our website and Twitter accounts, our brand new sports uniforms (thanks to our wonderful PAC), and soon will be featured on the sign at the front of the school.  A couple photos of the sign unveiling are attached.

We look forward to Remembrance Day next week and we are working to ensure that we have permission from all who will be featured in next week's Remembrance Day assembly, to stream and/or post a recording of the assembly online.  If we are able to achieve 100% consent, information regarding how to access the assembly online will follow in this space.

Finally, the community display of photos of Keating family members who have served (or still serve) in the armed forces is nearly complete.  The portion that is finished is on display in the windows of the library and can be seen from outside the school near the gagaball pits.  Please come and have a look outside of instructional time.  If you are still wanting to send in a photo for inclusion in the display, Monday is the last day that we will be collecting pictures for this display.  A gigantic thank you to Ms. Tutte for her time and effort in assembling this project of and for our community.

Wishing everyone a safe and restful weekend.