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End of Week Message - 27 May 2022

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End of Week Message - 27 May 2022
by Steve MacGregor - Friday, 27 May 2022, 3:53 PM

With the page about to turn to June (and hopefully spring arriving before the calendar says summer is supposed to), I wanted to share about a few things that are going on, and a couple to watch for over the coming month.

We have had a couple of very successful donation drives recently.  As many will have seen on our Twitter page, the Windle/Porter class was able to collect enough donations to put together school supply kits for 132 Ukrainian children who are currently refugees in Europe.  A big thank you to the Central Saanich Police and Monk’s Office Supply for their generous contributions towards this cause.  Further thanks to all of you who were able to donate and make this effort such a success.

Thanks as well to all for their generosity in support of the Stelly’s food drive for the local food bank.  There were classrooms where space was getting tight as significant amounts of food donations rolled in.

Closer to home, please be reminded that there is a bottle drive being hosted by our wonderful Keating PAC on Sunday here at the school parking lot.  Please see the website post/e-mail for more details about this event.

Due to the success of fundraising efforts such as the bottle drive coming up on Sunday, the PAC recently announced that they are able to pay for an addition to the climbing component of our playground.  This project is on the books and will be installed in the fall.  Similarly, the PAC was able to make a sizable contribution towards the renovation of our outdoor basketball court.  This contribution, combined with school funds and support from the school district will allow for our new court to be installed near the field and the swings this summer.  Please consider dropping your bottles off on Sunday as funds raised go to projects such as those described above, not to mention support for classroom funds, or field trips for the kids each year.

Other things to watch for this June include our first district track meet in 3 years.  This event will take place on Thursday, June 9th at UVic’s Centennial Stadium.  Students in grades 3-5 who have joined the track team may spend the day at the track on the 9th.  It should be a great day of running, school spirit, and sportsmanship.

Finally, one of the many jobs that staff take on in the coming month is that of class placement for the coming school year.  This is a painstaking task, that teachers spend hours on.  For the most part, these professionals know all that is required to make the best possible placement decision for their students, but in rare cases, it might be that parents have some extra information to be considered in this process.  If that is the case for your child, in the coming weeks you will see an online form where you can provide this information for consideration in the placement process.  Please keep an eye on the website for that in the next weeks.

Wishing all a fun and safe weekend.